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Rent in a wonderful airpark community in North Central Florida! Situated on the only paved runway on a small airpark for many miles. Quaint furnished 2 BR/1BA mobile home with kitchen, laundry, Utilities & Wi-Fi included, a 38'x42' cinderblock hangar (door opening is 40'x10'). For more details call (561) 346-9090 or (412) 901-9526

FOR SALE: 1933 Fairchild F22 C7-D

Museum quality with complete provenance.   $45K  <- NEW
10 hrs since new 2009 Airworthiness Certificate after 14 yr. total rebuild of frame and engine to stock factory condition after 1945 ground loop. Restored by '83 EAA Lindy Grand Champion winner (for his F24) 

- Total time 820 hrs
- Cruises at 90mph
- Gentle landing with soft gear with 40mph stall speed
- Full span ailerons
- Jan Annual
- 940# empty / 1530# gross
- S/N: 909  (only 21 C7-D models built)
- Gypsy Wright 90HP, in-line 4, up-right (upgradable to elec start)
- Served as CAP observer plane in 1945

​                      F22 story by builder  (click picture)

    Featured article in August 2009 EAA Vintage magazine
         (click picture)

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Click to view F22 First Flight
Several F22 photos courtesy of EAA Vintage Aircraft Association and photographer Jim Koepnick
Great historical article on the F22-C7D Series 
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NEW TO MARKET!  Large garage!
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