Woods and Lakes Airport Information

Not for Navigation
This airport is for private use only! 
Unless for emergency, premission is required before use

NOTE: All aircraft using this airport must have Liability Insurance!

  • Identifier: FA38
  • Unicom: 122.9    Left patterns - announce position please
  • Pattern Altitude: 1100 ft  ASL
  • Runways: 3 / 21, approx 2400 feet
                         (Center paved / right and left Grass)
  • Lighting: Dusk to dawn auto activated
Watch for golf carts, residents walking and SAND HILL CRANES
  • Lat/Long:  29-07-24.92N / 081-53-13.300W
                            29-07.41542N / 08153.22167W
                            29.1235903 / -81.8870278
  • Elevation: 100 ft / 30 m (estimated)
  • Variation: 03W (1985)
  • From City: 6 miles NE of Ocklawaha, FL  32179
  • Run-up: always parallel to runway, avoid debris in hangars
          Operational requirements:
Always operate your aircraft around airport within the 
FAR 91.119 guidelines in order to 
ensure safety of residents and neighborhood courtesy 
Nearby radio navigation aids

VOR radial / distanceVOR nameFrequency
     OCF  r100 / 18.1 nm      OCALA VORTAC     113.70
     GNV  r153 / 39.6 nm    GATORS VORTAC  116.
Woods and Lakes Airpark is a resident owned property with 50 lots running parallel to runway. Developed in the '80's in the Woods and Lakes Subdivision located in the Ocala National Forest, we enjoy an interesting diversity with residents from all over the US, Canada and even Germany. All have the common bond with the joy of aviation. 
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